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Sending e-mail messages from applications should be done in easy and consistent way. Altairis Mail Toolkit is component intended for software developers and handles several common issues:
  • Separation of e-mail contents and configuration from code
  • Centralizing configuration and formatting rules
  • Including and expanding placeholders in message text
  • Localization of message contents
  • Sending templated messages using single line of code
  • Easily distributing messages to mutiple recipients
  • Using standard .NET technologies and configuration methods

Altairis Mail Toolkit can be used in any .NET application, main expected usage is in ASP.NET web applications. The code is written in C# and is compatible with .NET Framework 4.5 (older versions support .NET 4.0 and older as well).

See Documentation for more information about usage.

Altairis Mail Toolkit is in the official NuGet feed

You may install Altairis Mail Toolkit using the NuGet package manager (former NuPack). The package name is Altairis.MailToolkit,

For more info about NuGet visit

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